Security of your information:

At HHR we recognise that you are concerned about the security of your medical information and how it is used.

  • Your record is kept on a secure database, maintained by the NHS in Hampshire.
  • Access is restricted to staff who are directly involved in treating and caring for you.
  • For these staff to view your record, they normally require your consent. This means that you will be asked to give permission for every person who asks to access your record.
  • This consent can be given for a once-only view (e.g. at an Out Patient appointment) or for a period of time (e.g. when a District Nurse is treating you regularly).
  • You can change your mind about this at any time.
  • Once a clinician has been granted access, further controls are in place. These Role Based Access Controls ensure that they only see the type of information that is suitable to their job role.
  • Every time anyone accesses your record, a log is kept of who they were and what they did. This Audit Trail is regularly reviewed.

 If you do not want to be a part of HHR, then we want to respect your wishes, so you can opt out here.

Are there any exceptions?

In all cases, staff are made clearly aware that they will face disciplinary action if they misuse this service.

If a doctor needed to see your information for a medical reason, and you were unable to give your permission, then they can access your record but would be required to state that you were unable to give consent and why. For example, if you were unconscious after an accident or unable to respond.

On occasion, specialists may need to access your record, for example to help interpret the results of your laboratory tests. They may need to check if you are taking any medication or if you have any pre-existing conditions which may affect the results. This is no different from any other health or care professional involved in your direct care accessing your record. By agreeing to the test(s), you are also agreeing to these specialists accessing your record where appropriate.


What is your information used for?

   Hampshire Health Record

The primary purpose of the Hampshire Health Record (HHR) is to provide clinical and care professionals with complete, accurate and up-to-date information when caring for patients. This information comes from a variety of sources including GP practice, community providers, acute hospitals and (shortly) social care providers. HHR is used by GP out of hours, acute hospital doctors, ambulance service, GPs and others in caring for patients.

   HHR Analytics

In addition to this your information can help in improving the way we care for you. HHR analytics (or HHRA) is a database used for analysing trends in population health in order to identify better ways of treating patients. This is called ‘Secondary Processing’. HHRA is a physically separate database, which receives some data from HHR.

Prior to this transfer from HHR to HHRA patient identifiers are removed from the data. This includes names, initials, addresses, dates of birth and postcodes. NHS numbers are encrypted in the extract and cannot be read. This process is called ‘pseudonymisation’. This subset of data does not include information typed in by hand, so there is no possibility of it containing references to family members or other people. It contains only coded entries for things like allergies and prescribed drugs.

It is not possible to identify any patient by looking at the ‘pseudonymised’ data on the HHRA database. People who have access to HHRA do not have access to HHR


Who Uses HHRA?

Data in HHRA is used to plan how health and care services will be delivered in future, based on what types of diseases are being recorded and how many are being referred to hospital etc

Data is also used to help research into new treatments for diseases. Examples of how this has helped patients with diabetes, acute kidney injury etc can be found at

Data in HHRA is never shared with commercial companies like drug manufacturers


What if a patient wants to opt out of ‘Secondary processing’ only

If you want clinical staff to be able to see information on HHR for your care, but for this not to be transferred to HHRA, this can be done by your GP. Please speak to your GP, who will add a special code to your notes indicating that you “Dissent from secondary use of GP patient identifiable data”

When this code is added, information is retained on HHR to be used for your care, but is not extracted, pseudonymised and transferred to HHRA.


Safeguarding your record

Overall responsibility for the record is held by the Caldicott Guardians for the Hampshire Health Record. A Caldicott Guardian is a senior member of the organisation, who is governed by a strict set of rules. They are responsible for ensuring your records are safe and only used to provide you with health care.

More information on Caldicott Guardians is available from the national Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC).


Further information

The  pdf HHR security and confidentiality protocol (582 KB)  identifies the data security and confidentiality arrangements in place to protect patient data within the Hampshire Health Record.